Polynesian Themed Home Decors: Oars, Tikis, Limited Wall Poster

If you’re thinking of a home with an island spirit or that becomes one with nature, Polynesian-themed home decors are an innovative way to accomplish the goal. Think of island life, a relaxing and laid-back vibe with lots of natural light and ventilation, an abundance of native and sustainable materials, and biophilia to boot.

Here’s a great list of décor inspirations for a Polynesian-themed home to get you started on the island vibe:

  • Mirrors

A great starter to decorate your home for a Polynesian theme is the innovative use of mirrors. Both functional and visually artistic, mirrors with wood framing are a staple if you want to achieve the Polynesian motif. That with driftwood borders or teak wood add a nice accented touch to any wall space. Another great mirror design that is keeping with the Polynesian theme is one with lava rock frame.

  • Tiki signs

What could be more Polynesian than tiki signs? Aside from the common tiki bar design, tiki signs come in a wide selection of designs that is suitable for your island-themed home. Most tiki signs come in the usual lacquered wood design, but there are also those that come in various colors. These signage are not only for the bar area, but can be hanged on almost every room in your home.

  • Tiki statues and masks

Tiki statues and masks are an inherent part of the Polynesian culture. Its representation as a symbol of gods and deities are important for the culture. Each statue and mask has a distinct look that is representative of a particular deity. While these art works serve several purposes in the culture, it has also become an essential piece of ornament in homes for this very same reason. Carved from wood usually, it has a unique aesthetic appeal. Add to that the charm of its purpose, generally for good luck and prosperity, and this is one décor that’s in keeping with the Polynesian theme.

  • Polynesian-themed wall posters

Wall art posters never go old or out of date when it comes to decorating your home. With so many varieties available, there is a wall art that matches any theme, style, and personal preference. Wall posters that showcase the island vibe are readily on hand. The key to decorating with it is to use the right frame to convey the island vibe. Keep in mind to source wall art posters from trusted art poster shops to get the highest quality product. For example, the https://artfrill.com/limited-edition/ section of Artfrill, an online luxury poster shop, provides excellent museum-quality art posters for all your wall design needs.

  • Oars and paddles

Oars and paddles are an important part of the Polynesian culture with much of its reliance on the sea for basically most commodities. The people took to the seas for food and used the seas as its main method of transportation. Oars and paddles have become a permanent fixture in the culture. Decorative oars and paddles with carvings that depict the Polynesian culture are perfect for the island vibe. These decorative pieces come in an assortment of sizes that can be hanged or leaned on the wall space.

As with any home décor project, a good knowledge of the theme – Polynesian in this case – and a dash of inspiration can go a long way in achieving the entire design successfully!